3a3 is short voor the Given Name Saskia, the name of the owner of the company. The company has two divisions: the primary publishing division and secondary legal advice. 3a3 Publishing is an independent local publisher from Amsterdam with authors and editors throughout the country. The 3a3 Consultancy Legal Advice is concentrated in the vicinity of Amsterdam East.

The idea behind this is to cross finance the publishing of Dutch literature with legal advice. This sounds nice in itself, but it also has a deeper motive:

What is the purpose of a book? Legal advisors tend to use books as an extended business card for their advisory company.  This desire is used by bigger publishers to publish high quality and easily obtained content for a low price, on cheap paper in large volumes, even when the published content, the specific knowledge has a short term duration, for instance because the laws may change. It is a sad thing when valuable materials such as trees are used for books that do not last for longer than a year.

We at 3a3 Publishing visualise a more sustainable future for publishing. 3a3 aims to give a podium to unheard experts, through digital means, irrespective of its form: websites, forums, mailings, newsgroups, 3a3 can code it all. Sustainable publishing is in small editions, and content-critical. It requires review of the content, and thereby also that editors and publishers read. This is the only way to make environmentally-proof books.

Books should last at least 20 years. They should make you cry for the content, not for the trees that were spoiled making them. A pocket law book valid for a year, is not worth the making for any other purpose than the difficulty with online date control. I have a pocket version of the Blechtrommel, still worthy to read. Made on terrible paper in the 80’s. Falls apart because it is just too big. What a waste. What a difference a little extra would have made. I have a legal pocket of environmental administrative law. The best paper. The best trees? But you can throw it away, it is from 2006.

Our idea is that when the activity of legal advise can enable a true novel or an important history book, this is a much better business card. Help us further literature, stimulate reading, also for the younger facebook generations.

“The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest (people) of the past centuries.” Descartes

3a3 Publishing

At 3a3 we support all that is made with love in search of the truth. We seek information that took effort, pain to create and that stays true to its own unique self.

  • Investigative journalism
  • Poetry
  • Cartoons
  • History

We publish

in colour
in limited editions
with looooong storage
slow and steady

3a3 Publishing seeks truth and love.

At the moment we have 5 books in the making:
a historical biograpy,
philosophical columns,
a traditional novel set in Greece,
a futuristic, fragmentary novel,
please let us know if you have a bigger interest in any of our book projects, it helps us a great deal. You can also donate to a specific project to help it advance. Please mail or call us for details, this website is still under scrutiny.

we are revising a sixth that was in stock with another publisher previously and a 7th that is just a republishing of the most worthwile content at Aanbestedingsnieuws.nl. 3a3 is taking new novels into consideration, please feel free to send a relevant fragment of your work, of 3-5 pages, to sploeg@3a3.nl.

3a3 Consultancy

The owner of the company Saskia, graduated in 2005 in International and European Law and in 2006 in Philosophy, both with a Master’s Degree. She gives legal advice to communities, local enterprises and individuals in the area of international contracts:

Her specialties are:

Procurement Law, International Contract Law, WTO Trade Law, Construction Law, Environmental Law,  Real Estate Law (also international rental/lodging contracts) and Privacy Law

3a3 Legal Consultancy has a primary focus to European Community directives and their implementation; the consequences of international regulations for business owners and the rights for both companies and individuals following from EU directives and the EU Treaty.



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