3a3 Publishing

3a3 Publishing is an online publishing company that started in 2016.

Our main  publication is


Aanbestedingsnieuws has near 20.000 unique visitors a month and is an excellent podium for those who want to reach government buying officials. If you are interested in advertising, please have a look at www.aanbestedingsnieuws.nl/adverteren

and we have further news outlets upcoming. We are neither mainstream nor alternative media. We present local and business news with the aim to speak Truth with Love.

3a3 is also with a literary/historical fund, for which we have currently 5 projects running. The idea is that these projects are cross financed with legal advice from the 3a3 Consultancy company.

Our 5 literary projects:

  • Klaas  | De regels en het spel
  • Aart |  (subject pending)
  • Ed |  Een straatbiografie
  • Zazkia | Columns
  • Theo | (subject pending)

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