3a3 Consultancy

3a3 Consultancy

The owner of the company Saskia, graduated in 2005 in International and European Law and in 2006 in Philosophy, both with a Master’s Degree. She gives legal advice to communities, local enterprises and individuals in the area of international contracts, public procurement, construction law, EU environmental law, subsidies and international web hosting issues:

Her specialties are:

Procurement Law, International Contract Law, WTO Trade Law, Construction Law, Environmental Law, all EU related law (agriculture/subsidies/food safety/human rights), Real Estate Law (also international rental/lodging contracts) International Property Law and Privacy Law

3a3 Legal Consultancy has a primary focus to European Community directives and their implementation; the consequences of international regulations for business owners and the rights for both companies and individuals following from EU directives and the EU Treaty.

Latest developments

3a3 Consultancy recently advised for cases concerning the international right to demonstrate and peaceful gathering. The firm is open to write pleas or give legal advise for human rights cases but is not legally able as an international/european lawyter to stand trial in criminal court cases. 3a3 can give international legal advise to Dutch lawyers and is able to write pleas for defendants who want to defend themselves.

You defend, we make the Case

Legal services are expensive and the consequence is an unequal access to legal support. 3a3 wants to combat this with fair and open pricing and trade instead of payment.

3a3 believes in the freakonomy, all tarifs are negotiable and payment via trade of services is always open to discussion.

However, we need to operate on the basis of guidelines.
These are the following indicative prices:

Oral legal advice: 200€ per hour.
Legal support in negotiations: 300€ per hour + travel costs
Legal Research: 200€ per hour
Requesting a permit: 300€ per hour
A legal letter, research of 1 hour included: 500€
Drafting General Conditions from scratch: 400€
Revising General Conditions: 200€
A legal report of 50 pages: 3000€

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